I’ve written books for all ages. You can find a complete list (and buy them!) on my Amazon Author Page. But here are a few highlights…

  I’ve been writing children’s books for a long time, and I’ve produced a lot!
  They divide into a few main categories.

Picture books

Through My Window, Wait and See, In a Minute – illustrated by Eileen Browne

Look Out, He’s Behind You! and Has Anyone Seen Jack? – illustrated by Margaret Chamberlain

The Perfect Baby – illustrated by Holly Swain

Michael – illustrated by Tony Ross

Is That a Coconut? Yuck! – illustrated by Katherine McEwen

Books for beginner readers

Dilly and the Goody-Goody – illustrated by Susan Hellard

Dilly and the Birthday Treat – illustrated by Susan Hellard

Dilly the Dinosaur – illustrated by Susan Hellard

Flora the Fairy – illustrated by Emma Carlow

Flora the Fairy’s Magic Spells – illustrated by Emma Carlow

The Surprise Party – illustrated by Martin Chatterton

The Mummy Family Find Fame – illustrated by Martin Chatterton

Elvis The Squirrel – illustrated by Lizzie Finlay

Spooky Teachers – illustrated by Peter Kavanagh

The Happy Ever After books (all illustrated by Sarah Warburton)

Mr Bear Gets Alarmed

Mr Giant and the Beastly Baron

Snow White and the Magic Mirror

The Wicked Stepmother Helps Out

The Three Little Pigs Go Camping

The Ugly Duckling Returns



The Orchard Book of Swords, Sorcerers and Superheroes – illustrated by Tony Ross

The Orchard Book of Heroes and Villains – illustrated by Tony Ross

The Greatest Adventures in the World series – all illustrated by Tony Ross

Jason and the Voyage to the Edge of the World

Arthur and the King’s Sword

Aladdin and the Fabulous Genie

Ali Baba and the Stolen Treasure

Robin Hood and the Silver Arrow

William Tell and the Apple for Freedom

Robinson Crusoe, Shipwrecked!

Beowulf the Hero

Gulliver in Lilliput

David and Goliath

Hercules the Hero – illustrated by Steve May

Gods of Thunder – illustrated by Glen McBeth and Andres Martinez Ricci

Baba Yaga – illustrated by Anais Goldberg

The Tale of Little Red Riding Hood – illustrated by Sole Otero

Historical stories

Spartacus (with Tom Bradman)

The Story of Boudicca – illustrated by Bob Moulder

Harald Hardnut – illustrated by Martin Remphry

Assassin! – illustrated by Martin Remphry


Barrington Stoke Books (for special needs and struggling readers)

The Two Jacks

One Nil

The Dirty Dozen

Mixed-Up Madness

Young Merlin

Sam and Ruby’s Olympic Adventure


Harald Hardnut


Alien: Betrayal

Alien: Doomsday


Books for older children

Tom’s Dragon Trouble

Tom and the Dark Knight

Tom and the Siege

Space Pirates

Tommy Niner and the Planet of Danger

Tommy Niner and the Mystery Spaceship

Tommy Niner and the Moon of Doom

Under Pressure

Bad Boys

Shakespeare re-tellings


Richard III

Julius Caesar

Viking Boy 

Bradman and Son Productions

The Space School series:

Crash Course

Blast Off!

Bug Wars

Ice Breaker…


Already Dead

Titanic: Death in the Water

Plays for KS1

The Gunpowder Plot

The Great Fire of London


Football books

One Nil

The Dirty Dozen

The King of Football – the Story of Pele

Under Pressure

Bad Boys

Football Fever 3

Kindle titles


Julius Caesar

Richard III

Under Pressure

Bad Boys

Football Fever 3

Phenomenal Future Stories


The Frankenstein Teacher



How to be a Boy

Under the Weather

Give Me Shelter

All in the Family

My Kind of School

Inner City

Football Fever 3


Educational books

Gods of Thunder

The King of Football – the Story of Pele

Born Lucky

Two Tales from the Future


Peacemaker and Other Stories

Comrades – a play set in the first world war


The Cambridge Reading Series:

A Friend for Kate

Well Done, Sam!

Heroes and Villains

Follow My Leader

Let’s Pretend

Please, Miss!

This is the Register

What’s the Time?

Dilly and the School Play

Here Comes Everyone

Imran and the Watch

Show and Tell


Books in Welsh

Miss Bwgan

Mistar Ffrancenstein


Myrddin, y Bachgen Arbennig

Y Ddau Jac

Y Dwsin Drwg

Prosiect X